At Animal Biotech, we create and develop products that improve animal welfare by helping manage their behavior through creative and innovative scientific applications. We apply scientific discovery and leading edge technology in new and unique ways which allows us to craft “best in class” products that improve the quality of life in animals. At all times animal welfare is paramount in our decision making to bringing product innovations to the market. This, along with years of experience in understanding animal behavior and needs, ensures that our expertise is the best available anywhere in the world.


There is unlimited potential in the types of products that can be created when you combine the science of technology with the limitless imagination and creativity. That’s exactly what we do best at Animal Biotech. We are creating products today that will benefit commercial livestock, companion animals and wildlife throughout.
Animal welfare is one of our top priorities. Everything we do is for the betterment of animals – improving their quality of life. Whether it is a pesticide that protects livestock from insects that carry disease or a system that helps identify healthy and sick animals more easily. Bottom line: our ideas, innovations and inventions improve the lives of animals.
Our extensive experience with pesticides for both the urban market and rural markets is virtually unmatched. Our scientists are always looking into new ideas and products which benefit animals and humans alike. We are uncovering new research every day that will aid in the development of safer pesticides that are less harmful to people, animals and the earth.
Our Research and Development Team is constantly in “Think Tank” mode; asking questions and exploring new technologies and science and applying that learning to new product innovations. We have developed many successful products over the years and are currently working to find new and unique ways to better enhance the quality and longevity of life for animals.
The science of pheromones and how they influence animal behavior is another key area of our research and development. Knowing the importance of smell in animal communication and behavior is both fascinating and exciting. At Animal Biotech we are actively studying pheromones to better understand how they affect animal behavior. The application of this science and technology will have far reaching effects on animal activities.
New discovery is what drives and motivates our team of experts. Through our learning and understanding, we know that each new discovery we make will directly benefit the lives and welfare of animals, and ultimately the human race.