About Us

There is unlimited potential when you combine creative thinking and innovation with science and technology. At Animal Biotech, that is exactly what we are doing every day. We are working to develop new products and concepts for the benefit of animals. Our products are targeted to both commercial livestock type animals as well as consumer's individual pets. To learn more about our product innovations and experience, contact us today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to invent and create new technologies for all types of animals that merge creative ideas and high-tech science. We specialize in research and development and being innovative with concepts and technology as it relates to animals and improving the lives and quality of lives in animals.

Our Team

We have over 60 years experience in the animal health and sciences ranging from business and product development related to animal health to scientific research and development related to advancing animal welfare and behavior. We have a record of success in the industry.

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We strive to create and develop products that improve animal welfare and help manage their behavior through creative science application. Applying scientific discovery and technology in new and unique ways allows us to create innovative products that improve the quality of life in animals.

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